Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Welcome everyone, to A bookworm reviews...

My name is Book Worm, and I'm an ordinary book lover. I'm writing this blog to share my love for books and reading, and to share some information on what I'm reading (and have read).

A bit of background information is probably helpful. To begin, I am a 25 year old South Asian woman, living in Canada. I have a thing for reading about mysticism, and especially anything that has to do with the "feminine mystique", although I enjoy all kinds of books. I am a university graduate, and no, I am not being paid to advertise these books. A vast majority of the books that I review (if enjoyed) are owned by me, but I have been increasingly trying to reduce my carbon foot print by borrowing books from the library. It also helps with cutting costs. Who ever thought books would be a pricey hobby?

I think that's more than enough about me. Here's hoping that you'll enjoy what I write about, or at the very least, find food for thought!

Book Worm

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